Old Rules

Rick Chapman sent in these rules that are used by the Dart Kart Club for their Vintage runners. As you can see there is a place for everyone to run their older enduros without breaking the bank to do so. The goal is to get those old enduros out of the garages and basements and back on the track.

2010 DKC Vintage/Classic Class Guidelines 


Vintage USA—– Age Minimum 15 years…


Engines….. 100cc McCullochs, 125cc McCullochs, 820 West Bend or US820, single or dual

Vintage Euro—- Age Minimum 15 years….


Any Free Air Foreign Reed, Rotary Valve or Piston Port engines single or dual.

Any Dual Engine Driver must be Minimum 18 years old..



Any, and only, Laydown Enduro Chassis with a 1″ or 1 ¼” axle, no matter the year.

Absolutely NO body work… not any style nose, side panels, rear clip or wing or steering column fairing permitted in these classes, unless it came with the Enduro Kart.

Enduro Chassis must have aluminum side fuel tanks or double rail nerf bars to substitute where the tanks would have been. No plastic fuel tanks. On the non-engine side of the kart, the double rail Nerf bar must start just behind the front tire and extend to just in front of the rear tire. The engine side Nerf bar must start just behind the front tire and extend to just in front of the engine. Both side nerf bars, needs to extend to just inside the width of the front wheels.

Floor pan may not exceed outside the main frame rails of the kart and may not exceed past the rear of the frames. If floor pan is part of the bottom on the seat, an additional layer of metal must be used where the driver lays. Seats must pass DKC safety inspection.

Clutches, Tires, Wheels, Fuel and Brakes—


Any chain, belt, engine or axle clutch permitted. Tires and wheels are entrants choice but plastic wheels not permitted. Brakes must conform to current DKC rules.

There will be NO fuel tech..

Safety Inspection—


All karts must meet and pass DKC Safety inspection and current Racewear rules.

Race Length—


Each race will be 30 minutes long.

Season Point Champ—

Dailey Awards

will be determined by NOT how fast an entrant is, or by where they finish, but how consistent of lap times a kart/driver turns during the 30 minute (minimum 8 laps) race. Most consistent lap times will be awarded 1st, next most consistent 2nd, to 3rd Place will be determined by how an entrant finishes through out the year, just as any other class. EXCEPT, there will be NO Race Day Vintage Class 1 or 2. Each race will be an individual event and ones best 5 out of 6 Events will be added together to determine 1 Season Point Champion in the Vintage/Classis Class. 

 1975 IKF Enduro Competition Classes and Chassis Specifications from the 1974/1975 I.K.F. Competition Regulations and Drivers Log

1975 IKF Enduro Competition Classes

Well, here’s some of the Enduro racing Classes. 1975 was simpler! A lot like the DKC is trying to do.

1975 IKF Enduro Competition Classes

And here’s the Enduro Chassis Specifications. Included are the specs for the F.K.E. (Formula Kart Experimental) classes as well.
1975 IKF Enduro Chassis Specifications

1974/1975 Rule Book Cover