Shifter Kart Fuel System Primer

This guide is presented to help karters understand the various fuel systems used on Shifter karts today. It is correct as far as I understand but if you use this information and something goes wrong – you’re on your own.


1. Typical Motorcycle System


This is the system that Keihin, Mikuni, and DelOrto engineers designed most of their carbs to work with – good ol’ gravity! Problem is that with karts we don’t have our fuel tank on top of the engine.

2. “Tee” Return System


One of the earliest systems in use, still in use on many karts today.

3. “Pump” Return System


A variation of the “Tee” system. It needs to have a pump with two outlets.

4. Restricted Return Line


Restricted Return Line systems work on some karts but rely on exact sizing to match pump output and track configuration.

5. “Magic Can” System


Popular when Shifters first became common the Magic Can was a solution used by many. It simulates a small gas tank over the top of the engine.

6. Sized Inlet Seat System


When manufactures put a float style carb on a pump fed fuel system (think Snowmobile) they use a smaller sized inlet seat.

7. Pressure Regulator System


Used on some European Superkarts in the past, regulated system can have difficulties maintaining consistent outlet pressure.

8. DelOrto Regulated Pump System

Fuel7A built in regulator maintains pressure to the carb.

9. “Pump-Around” System


The current standard of Shifter karting.

10. Swedetec GFS System


Lay out is estimated. A combination of  Magic Can, Gravity Feed, and Pump-Around.