Sigafoos Quicksilver and Hooper Enduros

Quicksilver Enduro Kart.

Currently being restored is this Quicksilver enduro with a komet k88 engine to race at Summit Point in West Virginia.

We have 4 vintage enduro classes at every event.

Quicksilver EnduroQuicksilver Enduro 1Quicksilver Enduro 2Quicksilver Enduro 3

Quicksilver Enduro Kart – Part Two! Scott has finished restoring the Quicksilver.It now has a Corsair on it.Looks Good and Runs Good!


Quicksilver in Black!

I just finished up another Quicksilver enduro. The kart has a corsair T80 controlled, Blueprinted by CKS. Hartman axle clutch and Gary Hartman Slippy pipe. It will be run at Summit Point.


And now – The Hooper!Scott has acquired a kart I actually drove once. I’m sure he can get going faster than I ever did. It’s a very interesting kart with some beautiful craftsmanship. I can’t wait to see it when it’s done.