A Collection of FKE Karts



A Blast From The Past – Or, What Kids Can Do!

I found a thread with your link to old FKE karts. Here’s some pictures I took of one I built when I was about 15 yrs old. Obviously the pictures were taken years after… and taken at the person’s house that bought it from me. Motor is a Yamaha 125 twin, upgraded from the original 100 cc Yamaha twin.

John Solimine


Thanks for the pictures. For those that don’t know, John was one of the founders of Trackmagic.

125cc FKE ll Engine 100cc FKE 1965 FKE Kart and Lotus125cc FKE ll Rear View 125cc FKE ll

A Mole Bodied FKE with custom made frame.

Falconi Mole Bodied FKE

More Sporty Looking FKE’s

Car Show KartNorthwest FKE


Wayne Smiths FKE

A photo of me in turn 1 at Mid Ohio sometime in 1970.  Sorry for the poor quality picture, it was scanned from a very faded color 8X10 taken by the track photog