Enduros For Sale

Quick Silver Dual

Excellent condition comes with 2 one inch Horstman axle clutches, extra fuel tank, 6 inch rims.

Kart has dual rear brakes and QuickSilver front disk brakes.


(716) 681-6921


A box of mid 70’s enduro stuff!2 complete Hager mystery 1″ axle clutches and another minus the drum and enough weights to sink a medium sized tool box in the Gulf.

3 complete Hartman oil clutches and belt driver drums and enough spare parts the rebuild them or assemble 15 additional clutches.

Also available are Dap T50’s, T72’s , a T91, both reed and rotory Mac Minirellis, and a PCR 100 pp.

Several LMR’s, one of which is still in the box.

Email for more information.

1977 Bug Wasp Purchased new by owner and owned for 30 years, excellent condition.