A very rare find!

You never where the next great find is going to come from.George Dayvault was driving around minding his own buisness and saw this in somebody’s yard. He went back and talked to the people and left with it! Despite missing the top cover, it’s in really great shape. The engine runs, it’s just covered in really old dust. The fuel tank is integrated into the frame under seat and it has a rear suspension of sorts. The rear axle, engine and Margay gearbox all ride on a “U” shaped swing arm that pivots on the roll bar/gas tank bulkhead. Rubber provides the springing.

He probably saved this from becoming a yard cart. George remembered these being at Charlotte Motor Speedway long ago.

He’d be glad to hear from anybody else that knows about them. There is a mention of them in the September 1969 edition of Modern Karting. You can check it out here:

It’s on pages 46, 47 and 48.

He just sold this to a friend who has many restored cars and his fabercator is going to restore it to original condition. He plans to take it to Darlington or Daytona next year.