The Nelson Page

These pictures were sent in by Jack Nelson Junior. I may have actually been at some of these races. I know the ones with the red and white grand stands in the background are Phoenix International Raceway.

Below is from Jack:

The location on the FKE photos are a Ontario Nationals 73 not real sure I will check Karter News and make sure. The one with his hand up is Orange County race track. The B-Reed photo with the two karts is at Pomona under the bridge the other karter is Pat Obrien of Kendick. I Have lots of picks. My father raced and worked for Horstman then Meyers and finally for Bug. You might remember us from the Coolidge street race my father ran a twin and then my self the last two years of the event.

The Sprint pics is with Gary Emmick at Adams and the one in the yard is right before he left for the nationals at IRP in 74. He also took Scotty Kuntz’s C-Cpen that year Scotty had hurt his back and asked my dad to take it and drive it